Monday, February 6, 2012

How should we respond?

Wouldn't life be wonderful and rather "easy" if our life's troubles all worked out like in the Christian movies*?  In the movies as soon as you become a Believer everything turns out well.   But in real life there are many hard and difficult things that can occur which may never be resolved, and as His children it is how we respond to these things that matters the most.

What is your response?

As a new creation I have the Holy Spirit living in me.  God works in and through me with His Holy Spirit.  I have Him helping me through every trial~~~if I allow it.  Through Him I can let go of all the things I desperately hold on to (because I think I can control them).  And as we all eventually learn---we really have no control.   Sometimes "life" just happens.

I don't have to respond to any trial in sin.   I don't have to allow sin to rule in my life.   I can let the Holy Spirit rule.  As I allow the Holy Spirit to work in my life and I deal with each issue, I draw closer to God.  As I draw closer to God I am pressed into His image. 


When it all comes down to it, drawing nearer to God is really what we want. We desire to follow Him, obey Him, and glorify Him.

As a very dear friend has said to me,

"The only thing we can control is how much we allow ourselves to draw near to God."

This world is not our home.  It is sin filled and bad things occur.  We are surrounded in this fallen world.  The greatest factor of all is our God.  He will be with us through all of our storms.  He will give us wisdom and strength as we draw near to Him and learn to be more like Him.

Let's get back into real life and respond rightly for Him!

*About Christian movies: I love Fly Wheel, Facing the Giants, Fireproof and Courageous... They inspire and encourage us, but in real life we can not always expect complete recovery - that only happens in fiction. Sometimes God does work lots of tough things out, so continue to live trusting Him and with anticipation of how He will work.

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