Monday, December 23, 2013

We are definitely like cats

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Christmas and Cats

I dutifully got out the Christmas tree and set it up this year. 
And then I kindly and lovingly left the decorations to my 
beloved bride who knows how to do that well and cares about it. 
So we have a lovely Christmas tree all set up and shining 
(you know -- when the timer turns the lights on at night).

Of course, one who is certainly more excited about it than I 
and likely more interested even than my wife is our cat. 
She's in heaven. There are all these shiny, dangling things 
there for the taking. They bob about when she bats at them 
and even, sometimes, fall onto the ground and roll about so 
well that she can make hours of fun out of it. At any moment 
at any time of the day or night we might hear some decoration 
hit the ground and skitter across the floor as our dear little cat 
has a blast with a ball from the tree. 
Oh, yes, my cat loves Christmas.

My wife, on the other hand, isn't so pleased with the kitty's 
version of loving Christmas. It isn't, in fact, Christmas that 
she loves. It is the fun. It is the decorations. It is the chance 
to play with what she likes to play with and obtain for herself 
the things she wants. She ... oh, wait  
this is starting to sound familiar ...

Isn't this an apt description of humans at Christmas? 
Is it about Christmas, or is it about the decorations and the gifts? 
Is it the trappings or is it the Incarnation that we celebrate? 
Aren't we closer to cats around a Christmas tree than shepherds 
around a manger? Well, aren't we?

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