Saturday, April 23, 2016

Along the Road

By  Robert Browning Hamilton

I walked a mile with Pleasure;
She chattered all the way,
But left me none the wiser
For all she had to say.

I walked a mile with Sorrow
And ne’er a word said she;
But oh, the things I learned from her
When Sorrow walked with me!

Don't discount your agonies. Don't always say "why, why why?" 

As you continue to walk with God through them, He continues to give you His strength to continue, His wisdom to handle what comes, and He comforts you and lifts your head.  

We can do these things we know we can't because of Him, and all the while we are learning to draw closer to Him, and trust Him more and more.  Isn't this really our greatest desire after all?

Let us continue to abide with Him.

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