Thursday, August 25, 2016

"Flying Fingers"

You were a happy, imaginative thing as you grew.  When we were blessed with a piano your talent in music began to shine as it was from the LORD. 

Soon enough you were far beyond my teachings.  Eventually you branched out to violin, viola, and hammered Dulcimer, and you excelled in your musical gifts.

You were unique ---  with your own style.  You played beautifully, although we and your instructor were forever reminding you to "slow down".

As life flew by we realized why the LORD gave you "flying fingers" as fiddle music became your love and expertise.

Recently, at a lodge, a young man performed piano and violin from the balcony during the evening hours.  It was lovely to hear his music floating down as we relaxed in this common area.  He played beautifully, one tune after another, as we enjoyed him.   After he had played many tunes very well, although faster than they had been written, he began a series of fiddle tunes and I was literally stopped. He had "flying fingers".  He was also made to play fiddle music as you were.

I heard your style and my heart ached.  

I longed to see you again, to touch your hand, to embrace you as before.  We miss you so much.



Anonymous said...

Her beautiful hair
Speaks of her glory
& her gift...

The Piper's Wife said...

How very kind, thank you. My the LORD be glorified!