Monday, November 28, 2016

Another life lesson learned: Homemaking 101

I have been vacuuming for over 40 years, but I certainly learned something this weekend I will not ever forget.  

You may need to pay attention also: 

Homemaking 101:  Never bend over with your long pony tail hanging by the vacuum because your tresses may be sucked into the Impeller Wheel!

So here I was bent over to attach the extender when my pony tail was sucked into the sucky, twirly thing (the impeller wheel).   At first I thought my hair was just sucked into the inhaling pipe, but no, it was completely stuck and I could only reach the off switch in an awkward twist of the wrist.

Thankfully, my Beloved was home so I called to him for help! The only solution was scissors.  On the plus side: I already have a trim scheduled this week.

Praising the LORD that not much hair needed to be cut off to remove me from the dreaded machine!


Anonymous said...

Oh no, Jill!!!!! So glad you're ok!!! And PTL that you didn't lose much hair. Though I'm sure you would have been able to have your stylist give you a chic bob if it had been a bigger disaster. :)

Maybe there's a hidden wisdom why I almost always have my hair in a tucked up braid, a bun, or a (poorly executed) french twist...

(I only do that because I'm not the best at styling hair, and (messy) "up dos" are the quickest method for me.)

But boy will I now think of your situation every time I get out the vacuum... :)

Again, so glad you are ok!!!


Anonymous said...

A PS, just to clarify, I do not wear my hair up for any legalistic or religious reason. I know some may, but I definitely do not.

I just wear my hair up a lot because it's easy and quick. :) Other than a woman having a distinctly feminine hairstyle (as opposed to looking masculine), and not using hair or appearance to display wealth/draw attention, I don't see Scripture requiring anything specific of a woman. :)


The Piper's Wife said...

Oh, Carolyn, you are so kind, thank you.

It was a strange thing to happen, and I think it is this "new" vacuum we have which has the impeller wheel in an easy access place for hair to be sucked into! Otherwise, surely this would have happened long before now! It was really my fault to be bent over with my wild hair hanging around!

In every day life I usually have my hair up in a pony, a half pony to the side, braided, or in some sort of messy "up do" also :o)

Thankful! I was with a friend yesterday who has always had long hair also, and I shared my vacuum story. We laughed. A precious sister in the LORD whose testimony is such an encouragement to me. She reminded me how our hair is a covering. I was overwhelmed by her faith in Jesus as she struggles with her longstanding illness. It reminded me of another younger friend who recently had brain surgery, and her long tresses had to be shaved off. She also glorifies the LORD in her situation. Praising Him for how He sees our hearts which are covered and glorify Him!

The Piper's Wife said...

Carolyn, thank you for your "PS". I understand :o) and agree with you.

I know a godly woman from years ago who wore long hair and her daughters also, but they would never braid their hair because of those scriptures concerning pride, and issues of the heart. When the Homeschool play was Anne of Green Gables, and her oldest daughter had the part of "Anne", she wore braids for the play's duration. It felt kind of "funny" to me and just added to my abhorrence to manipulations and legalisms.

Anonymous said...

Jill, thankful you are ok! Just now read this post, as I have been at my dad's most of the day. I can just imagine what a predicament that was! Glad Glen was close by!


Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,

Wonderful comments. Your friends' testimonies in the face of such burdensome struggles certainly must be so encouraging.

I also appreciate what you said about the hypocrisy of the women who wouldn't wear braids in their daily life, but the one daughter was allowed to wear them for a play. I'm with you, I can't stand manipulations and legalisms, either.

(Speaking of Anne of GG, when you told this story about getting your hair caught in the impeller and having to cut some of it off, and thankfully you already had a haircut scheduled... I thought of the part in the Canadian Broadcast of AoGG where Anne tries to dye her hair the "beautiful raven black", only to end up with a green mess. Marilla then cuts her hair into this cute, slightly longish bob to get rid of as much of the damaged hair as possible. Anyhow, I digress.)

Back to the braids... it's especially sad because the passages about plaiting the hair (1 Tim 2:9 and 1 Peter 3:3) have nothing to do with braids themselves being evil, sinful, or prideful. It's about women in the church who were being ostentatious in their outward appearance... and that at the expense of cultivating godly character. In both cases, the instruction was to keep the main focus on adorning the inner person. But there is nothing intrinsically wrong with wearing pearls, or braiding one's hair, etc. A godly woman can wear a string of pearls or braid her hair with no fear, shame, or guilt.


The Piper's Wife said...

Thank you, Kathryn. Life is just full of crazy things which happen. Afterwards I did think about what it would have been like if Glenn wasn't home! I would have had to side-saddle across the room bent over and hooked onto that machine by my hair and somehow search out scissors in my sewing kit!

The Piper's Wife said...

Thank you again, Carolyn.

Very well said. I agree.

Concerning the Canadian Anne of GG: we just recently watched this again, but I already have it practically memorized from all these years of enjoying it. It was very well done and that hair episode is classic. :o)