Thursday, April 27, 2017

Living One Day at a Time: Grieving #7

I have to admit that although I may look like I have it all together, although I seem to be handling my sorrows so well, in reality sometimes actually feel like I am barely hanging on.

*Remember that 70's poster, "Hang in there" with the little kitten holding onto a rope or a tree branch? 

I feel like that kitten looks.  

Oh, LORD! I cry out to You!  I don't even know what to say, but I know You understand where I am in myself at any moment, I know You know it all.  All my sorrows, all my trials, all my rollercoaster emotions, even when I'm in the world and I am smiling, but grieving so much inside.

I certainly know that You hear me, that You hold me, that You are working in me. 

I may look like a "Super Christian" fighting the good fight 24/7, but I am so weak where He is so, so strong.  If you think I am a super Christian, praise the LORD for it is His strength and comfort shining through me.

Grieving is wearing.

I feel worn out.  I feel like I can't do another day. But I then realize that I am only to live today.  Tomorrow has enough trouble of its own.  

I MUST only live in today, and TRUST Him for tomorrow when it comes.


A precious missionary just responded to my recent silly e-card, which I sent to many people I know just to give them a smile.  I said only "to give you a smile", but when she wrote back to me she said something so significant.

She said she prays.

She reminded me that she prays continually for me and our desperate agonies. How precious...her sincere love and kindness to me was a gift from God when I haven't say a word to her about our trials for years.   She knows pain, she understands longstanding trials.

Never alone.

The LORD is ALWAYS with me and He is with you also when you are His child.  We can feel alone, we can feel like a kitten hanging on a rope, frightened and lost, but we have Him.  Sometimes He reminds us by giving us encouragement from other Believers.  Mostly, He reminds us in His wonderful Word.  

We MUST be in His Word often.

P.S.  Just so you, know there are NO "Super Christians" even if they look like it---just humble Believers who TRUST in the LORD God Almighty no matter what is happening in their lives.  

You can be here with us, too.  

Are you His child?  Have you given over your life to Jesus?  Do you live here in this fallen world, but you TRUST Jesus with your very life?  You can look like a super christian, but in reality be a weak, humble child living in His mighty strength.

All the glory goes to Him!


Anonymous said...

Sorry it took so long to post a reply - been busy - but this was beautiful, just beautiful! Wonderful references to Scripture. Don't need the "chapter and verse", the truth was there. (Ie, today has enough troubles of its own, that's right from the word, and such a blessed reminder.)

And as always, love the Peanuts. Hee hee.


The Piper's Wife said...

Thank you, Carolyn. praise the LORD. :o)