Friday, March 23, 2018

Good Educations

One Room Schools, also known as Country Schools, are where so many of my precious older friends acquired their educations.

Over these years I have heard them often comment, "Oh, I only had a Country School education".

These dear people say and even believe this lie because of the propaganda which was pushed on them so long ago. They were told that the bigger city schools had a better education compared to the "country schools". This is not true.

In reality, their education was one on one, character building, mixed with a variety of ages who all worked together learning so much in their school years, so much so, that very few of us would be able to pass their 8th grade graduation tests . Country Schools also brought the whole community together in a way that can not be matched by any consolidated schools.

Every one of these dear people I know have shared their stories of their schooling.  They lovingly tell story after story, and I would say they were blessed beyond words.

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