Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Treasures of the Heart

Happy today as you choose to make it for the LORD. I will try to do so also.  I know it is a new year, but we have never really celebrated it the traditional way as normal people do.  It has just been another day for us.

It has been cold, sometimes rainy, snowy, icy, then back to sun-shiny and warmish. The weather seems not to know what to do. I have to admit that in my whole life I have loved wintertime and have never desired it too hurry along, but I am already weary of this on-again, off-again dreary season. Spring is already on my mind, which is setting me up for a fall. I have a long time to wait.

The other day we received a new catalog for Spring.  It was the very first one. I had time today so I looked through it. It is full of items with flowers, birds, and rabbits.  Everything in it is lovely. I was reminded of my precious mother who would have loved everything in this catalog!

I was born on Easter, and because of this she always made my birthday special with some sort of little bunny all the years of my life up until she went to be with the LORD.  I still have that very first bunny, with practically all its faux fur loved off and a new homemade face sewn on. 

What a special treasure from her!

Later, my father told me the story of that birthday Easter morning.  She had not told him she was in labor. She had wanted to attend the worship service, so she got my toddler brothers all ready, and they went off to church making it about half way through the service.  When she grabbed his leg, he knew she needed to go to the hospital right then. I was born soon after. He then explained to me that storms developed quickly and they produced tornadoes which roared through western Ohio late in the afternoon. My father was great at telling a story. 

Another special treasure to know this story from him!

Everything in this spring catalog was beautiful and lovely, and probably well worth what each item cost, but none of these things are as special as the memories I hold as precious treasures of my parents, my beloved husband, and my own cherished children as they grew.

What treasures the LORD has given me in my heart!


Anonymous said...

How uplifting to know this personal birth story! I’m sure you relished hearing it over and over from your dad! I liked seeing your little bunny.

My dad died this year and I find myself thinking over my past with my parents, my older brothers, and where God has taken me in this life. One of my closest friends died a few weeks ago, and a loving Bible study teacher went home a few days later. Yesterday my dear pet died. What would we do without the Lord?! He comforts his children with goodness, which comes in different ways. There is much to be thankful for, even as we see the results of sin abounding. He is coming again, and I hope soon! Blessings to you, with ten thousand besides in this new year!

The Piper's Wife said...

Oh, Kathryn, I am so sorry, and I grieve with you for the loss of your precious father. It certainly seems like I just lost my own father, but it was in 2014. And now your treasured pet. His beautiful creation right in your home, now a sweet memory. Yes, the LORD blesses us with family, friends, companions, showering us with blessings even as sin surrounds us.

How kind you are to me to bless me. What a treasure to me! Thank you.

And yes, I was so surprised and blessed when my father told me the whole story of the day I was born. It was years after my mother had died, he was choosing to open up emotionally, if only a little bit. I was surprised, by it, and listened intently. I had only heard my grandparents part of the story before because they were in Mexico visiting their other son. When my father was finished telling me all that happened that day I said "thank you for telling me! That was so special to hear!" I can still hear his voice right now as he chuckled and said he was glad to tell me. What joy my father that gave me that day!