Saturday, February 21, 2009

Titus 2: Keeper of my home

(This was originally posted on “The Watchman’s Bagpipes” on 2/9/09)

I am a busy woman even though I do not work outside my home. I am busy loving the LORD, loving my husband, keeping my home, ministering to people, doing creative projects, and everything else that comes at me.

I love most of the things which keep my days filled, although my favorite is being the keeper of my home. There are those days when I am off doing “next things” for the LORD; during those days I do not have time or energy to do normal housework - much less anything creative. Although I am out doing whatever needs to be accomplished, my heart always longs to be home.

I love being here when Glenn is home. In over 30 years I have rarely ever planned things to do outside the home when he will be here. I believe this has been extremely beneficial in our relationship as we continue to become one. Juggling children, ministry, work shifts, etc has made this difficult at times, but completely worth it. I will never regret putting him first.

Last week I had two consecutive days away from home. When the next day dawned I went right to work putting my home in order. As I vacuumed (one job I do not like) I realized I was feeling joyful and it came to me that I was just so happy to be home, putting my house in order, soon to be able to work on something creative and just have the satisfaction of having a calm, smooth running home for Glenn when he returned.

You may well understand that my choice is unique. Although I love the path I chose it is not an easy one. The “world” definitely does not respect women who choose to stay home. Sometimes even Christians do not understand. Now in my fifties, I have for over a decade listened to well meaning people suggesting I return to school for a career. Some of these same people (career women) later lament privately to me that their desire has been to come home but they feel they cannot. My heart is always broken for them as it is usually “things” that they want which keeps them working.

My mother was a wonderful example of a loving wife and mother. I am so very thankful for her. Even so, I grew up with the world‘s agenda teaching me that women without a job or career outside the home are unworthy - thus homemakers are not worthy. This lie has haunted me my entire adulthood, even though I am happy in my choice.

Wherever you find yourself----homemaker to career woman, single or married, young or old-----seek the LORD’s face in His word, drawing near to Him as you live. Keep your home for Him, finding joy in all things (even vacuuming) giving thanks to Him.

Praising the LORD! Thanks for listening---Jill

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The Piper's Wife said...

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Marie said...
Nice to "meet" you, Jill! Too funny. I actually vacuumed today and was feeling very nearly self-righteous about it.

Actually, I feel convicted a lot (ever since reading Martha Peace's "Excellent Wife" back in '03) because I'm always trying to accomplish something (usually some grandiose spiritual plan) to win points with God, but feel like housework and cooking is just a distraction. Of course, I do it anyway (pretty much the bare minimum) but I always fail to see it's importance to God. If we're serving our husbands, children and keeping our homes(in that order), we're serving Him. My pastor's wife (a nouthetic counselor) teels me I shouldn't feel so guilty about not doing arts and crafts projects with my kids, though. Last week we made cupcakes (from a mix). They seemed to enjoy that. I'm trying to put direct attention and serving of my family at the top - and stop being so self-absorbed. Your entry here is good encouragement!

February 9, 2009 7:05 PM
judy@simplefrontporch said...
Jill, loved this article (hope you write more!). A beautiful response to the feminist lies that are pervasive in our culture. Will tuck this wisdom in my pocket for future reference!

February 10, 2009 9:24 AM
The Piper's Wife said...
Thank you, Yvonne (for your BLOG), Marie and Judy for your kind words.
They were an encouraging blessing and a sweetness to me :oD

February 11, 2009 12:12 PM