Friday, July 23, 2010

Sharing from Cherry and On The Write Narrow Path

Please check out  and  so well written and encouraging as Cherry shares her walk with us.

Between these posts you will find this moving poem by her----thank you, Cherry, for letting Jesus shine through you.
My Cause For Joy     by Cherry Bieber
What bright and glorious thoughts do come
With the knowledge of the Holy One
To rest my cares upon His knee
Setting my eyes on Him and not me
To sing out with joy the music of life
Giving no power to pain or strife
With purpose embracing what lies ahead
Because with Him I've naught to dread
Sweet, the calm that covers me here
Quiet my soul, for my Father is near
Oh, that I could now impart
This message into every heart
Whose path meets mine as days go by
Whose eyes have known much need to cry
That I could say, "Rejoice in Him!"
And shine a light where there's is dim
So as my Lord says, "Regard today"
I will seek to know what He would say
To those who ask me why I sing
May my answer bring glory to my God and King

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Marie said...

This is a great poem! I will have to check out Cherry's blog tomorrow...she sounds like quite a good writer. Right now...eyes are heavy...