Monday, April 25, 2011

What do you need to know about the paranormal?

 I just read Spellbound, by Marcia Montenegro this late winter and want to share some snippets from it.  I have discovered that Christians are fearful of anything concerning the paranormal, and so they avoid learning anything about it to protect themselves or their children.  I can understand this fear, but we must remember that Greater is He that is in you than he that is in the world, 1 John 4:4.  This subject is especially important as we raise up our children or know friends and family who are becoming involved in it.   As you learn from Marcia, you will discover the paranormal is permeating our culture, and so we can not turn a blind eye to it.  This book is on a tough subject, but it is easy to read.  The only scary part of this book is that the paranormal teachings are out there, and we need to know about it to defend against it.
From the back cover:
Our Culture is saturated with the supernatural.  TV shows such as Medium, Charmed, and Lost all have “other-worldly” themes and most of them blur the lines between good and evil.  As a parent, how do you even begin to recognize the influence the occult has on your child each day?  Former astrologer and noted speaker on the paranormal, Marcia Montenegro has written a comprehensive examination of the paranormal and occult which breaks down the principles and elements of paranormal practices so parents can readily identify them.  Christian parents no longer need to fear this subject.  They can be discerning and prepared---for the sake of their children.
The book is divided into 3 sections:
Part One: What is the paranormal, and why is it a threat to our kids?
Part Two: What aspects of the paranormal do our kids encounter?  Where divination, sorcery, and spirit contact touch our kids.
Part Three: Talking to your kids about the paranormal.
From chapter 18:
Train yourself and your child in how to respond to some of the more common attacks on the faith, such as the claim that the Bible has contradictions, because eventually your child will confront this.
Teach your child to be wary of any instruction that places feelings over thinking, or promotes the belief that logic and reason are negative.  You will help inoculate your child against many New Age and occult beliefs that counter God’s truth.
Encourage your children to understand that, although they will face temptations in this area, God always gives us a way out.  Teach your child 1 Corinthians 10:13, in which God promises us that there is no trial or temptation that we can not bear, and that He provides a way out.
Training children in regular prayer is essential.  Prayer is not a system to get what you want, but a path to grow the desire to be in God’s will.  God will work through prayers.  Pray for your child’s protection and discernment.  Teach your child to pray for wisdom and to stay strong in Christ.
Marcia’s Concluding Words:
My hope and prayer is that this book has edified and empowered you in the very difficult area of the paranormal and occult.  Too many Christians have avoided learning about this area because it is difficult to get sound information and it can be intimidating.  You don’t need to be a student of the occult to teach your children how to respond to it, but it is helpful to understand overarching principles in order to recognize it, and then assess the situation through the filter of God’s Word.
Tread lightly but firmly, always rooted in God’s Word, when dealing with these topics.  Christians should be neither frightened nor apathetic about the paranormal.  Rather, we should look to God’s Word and be discerning and prepared for the sake of our children. 

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