Saturday, May 21, 2011

Live your life fully for the LORD

While culling old material, I came across a Focus on the Family Citizen magazine with a small article concerning Charles Schulz which is posted below.

As God's children we do not have to be famous or even the best at what we do in life, but we can live our lives fully in faith for the LORD and glorify Him.

So Long, Charlie Brown

Comic Pages in newspapers across the country will pay homage on May 27 [2000] to the late Charles A. Schulz, the creator of “Peanuts,” who died on Feb. 12 [2000] --one day before his last original strip ran in Sunday comics sections.

Since Schulz’s death from colon cancer, Americans have expressed their affection for the most unlikely of cultural icons:  a shy, Midwestern man of faith.  When Schulz fell ill, he was besieged with get-well cards and prayers; when he passed on, his fans gobbled up “Peanuts” memorabilia--lunch boxes, piggy banks, figurines--any souvenir of a boy, his dog, and a world where no one ever grew old.

Christians could learn from America’s love affair with Schulz’s work.  “Peanuts” served as a daily reminder that it was possible to take an honest look at the human condition without descending into either vulgarity or cynicism.  Schulz didn’t believe that it was necessary to offend his readers to make them think clearly.  And, even though Charlie Brown never did kick that football, he never stopped trying--Schulz’s reminder of the power of that most Christian of virtues: hope.

C. S. Lewis said the world doesn’t need “Christian writers” (or cartoonists), but good writers who are Christians.  Schulz was a great cartoonist whose work reflected his beliefs.  There’s no better model for shaping a culture.  For all these reasons and for being the most decent and gentle of men, he’ll be missed.

Written by Roberto Rivera, May 2000, Focus on the Family’s Citizen, page 31.

..."Rejoicing in Hope"....
Romans 12

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