Saturday, August 13, 2011

He giveth me songs in the night.

Fanny Crosby began writing hymns to glorify God when she turned forty.  She had been blinded in infancy by a doctor's error, but in her hymns she showed no bitterness only joy. 

"Redeemed and so happy in Jesus" is not just a line that sounds good in a hymn, it is the story of Fanny's life.  She was blinded to the light in this world, but had the light of Jesus in her soul.

Love is also a major topic in her work where she regularly marvels at God's love.  A beautiful example for each of us to mirror.

Fanny wrote thousands of hymns in her life time.  In the year 1873, Phoebe Palmer Knapp, the wife of the founder of Metropolitian Life Insurance Company, composed a tune and played it for Fanny asking, "What does this tune say?"

When Phoebe turned around she saw Fanny kneeling in prayer so she continued to play.  Afterwards Fanny responded "That says, 'Blessed Assurance, Jesus is mine! O what a foretaste of glory divine!'" 

Adapted from the April 25 and May 1 devotions of the book, The One Year Book of Hymns

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