Friday, September 2, 2011

Seeking God's Truth

This comic has fascinated me.  I knew I wanted to use it, but how? 

I see this comic from a Christian perspective where a person has claimed the name of Jesus, but when things get tough they abandon the faith which they may never have really accepted.  We need to come along side each other, and encourage each other in the LORD throughout life. 

God made us to fellowship.  I think the Body as a whole has forgotten what fellowship really is.  Fellowshipping is not just the twenty minutes on Sunday morning between services or a potluck every few months.  Fellowshipping is coming alongside, caring about each other, praying for each other, following up with each other, noticing each other's needs, being there for each other.  As a Believer we need to make commitments to truly fellowship.  

The second way I see this comic portrayed is as a person beginning to escape a legalistic group.  Having personally been caught up in a groups' legalisms for a few years, I see myself  jumping with a safety net because I am not trusting or believing the legalistic group any longer, but I am still going along with them so as not to get in "trouble".

In any controlling and manipulating group there may be people who are finally seeing and knowing the group is wrong, but they are afraid to leave.  Just the thinking of truth could be the beginning of their escape from the group.   In this comic I can see beyond this picture where the one who is not completely following the legalisms any longer is eventually thrown out of the group and then cruelly shunned because they are no longer worshipping the legalistic leaders 100%.

The world is full of deception.  The Christian community is not excluded; in fact, it may be even more dangerous because tricksters use enough of God's word to make their falsehoods sound good.  You must pay attention to what is taught.  Even people's behavior or their traditions can be red flags of danger. 

 Let's not forget the big picture. We are to seek and worship the God of the Bible in truth.  It is His truth so we must be always alert for falsehoods or twistings of His words into falsehoods.  Becoming a Christian doesn't mean you "made it" and the work is over.   Being a true Christian means you've just begun being a Berean.

Do you want to follow the LORD or a person's wrong teachings in which they misuse His words?

Be on the alert!

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