Monday, October 17, 2011

What is God calling you to do?

Our lives are full.  We have so much to do and not enough time to do it in.  In some ways our conveniences have complicated our lives perhaps giving us too much free time which we promptly fill up with other good things to do.

I suggest we routinely think of what occupies our time and make changes for the betterment of our families.   As always...I am speaking to myself also.  

Besides our busy lives~~~What is God calling you to do?

Let's think of our lives as seasons.  When I am a newlywed I am in a different season than when I have 4 children under 8 years old, and then a different season when my children are grown.  Even in each season there can be "sub-seasons".

I do not mean to make this more complicated.  If you are a mother with young children you are very busy with them, but sometimes you can fit in much more of the outside world and other times you can not.  These are the "sub-seasons".

The reason I bring this up is that I think that of all the good things we are doing in our lives I wonder how much we could choose not to do if we stopped---and looked around our own area, our own neighborhood, and fulfilled what God is actually calling us to do right there. 

I am not speaking of taking away from our family times.  Your husband and then your children are always to be first. 

I am speaking of the good things we become involved with---that are good, but could God be using you and your family in other areas to touch the hearts of individual people?   

Is there a lonely older person across the street,  a single mother who is overwhelmed,  parents who have lost their adult child,  a friend who just doesn't seem the same...I could go on and on.

Sometimes just a visit, a plate of cookies, asking to help weed or mow, sitting while a parent cries, coming alongside a friend who never smiles any more, a phone call, a hand written letter, an email...can be a life saver to a wounded, sad person.  You do not have to solve their life problems, but you can be a window through which they can see God. 
So many times we do not "see" these wounded people because we are so busy doing other good things.

And so I ask you~~~What is God calling you to do?

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