Monday, November 14, 2011

Made in America!

I was out cleaning our heated bird bath early this morning.  It was decades ago when we began heating the water for the birds all winter.  It has been well worth it for the joy of seeing them come and use it and then visit our feeders.

Our temperatures have gone up to the 50's during the day again.  The wind yesterday blew all of our leaves somewhere so the lawn is green.  As I walked outside to clean the bath I was enjoying the crisp air and the green yard when I saw it.

A real live, made in America Ladybug.  You know the ones.  The tiny red oval with black spots that used to be so plentiful here and now we rarely see them.  I actually do not know if they originated from America, and I do not know the "why" of where they have gone.  Is it because of pesticides?  The invasion of the bigger, "bitey", orange Asian “ladybug”?,  or some other reason?

All I know is that little red ladybug gave me such joy this morning.  It was the Joy of the LORD that was bursting out of me!  After a tough week of capturing my thoughts to Him and struggling with "life," He has continued to shower me with His mercies, and this little bug was one of His mercies.

Praising the LORD with you for His creation! 

Praising the LORD with you for His continual mercies!

Psalm 146:1-2
"Praise the LORD!  Praise the LORD, O my soul!  I will praise the LORD while I live;  I will sing praises to my God while I have my being."

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