Saturday, July 12, 2014

Controlling and Manipulting

Calvin and Hobbs
by Bill Watterson

"Calvin Ball" has been a silly joke in our family since we first read it in the comic, Calvin and Hobbs, years and years ago.

The term, "Calvin Ball" means that the rules change constantly for the person in charge - so that this person always wins. 

In real life some people play their own "Calvin Ball", although it is not child's play, but for  the destruction or at least, to the detriment of others. These people I will call, Master Manipulators, because this is what they are. 

How wonderful it works for a Master Manipulator to play their own "Calvin Ball".  They, somehow, in some way, achieve their power over others and then control these people by the manipulation of these individuals or groups of people just by making statements, or even using body language.  With this, seemingly at their own whims, the "rules" (their own made up rules) change to suit their own purposes, making it impossible to know what and how to behave so that the Master Manipulator will not become angry again.  The followers live a life of fear in the shadow of this tyranny.  This can go on a life time or until the person or people escape the Master Manipulator's control.

As life has moved on for us, "Calvin Ball" began to be noticed in real life situations as we encountered people who were masters at manipulating and controlling others.  At first we would think it couldn't be happening, that it was only a instance that "seemed" odd, but as the time continued the truth agonizingly emerged.  We would discuss all the of instances and sadly, realize it was, in actuality, real life "Calvin Ball" --- manipulation and control at its highest level.  Although, was devastatingly sad.

The "Main Line" cults play their own "Calvin Ball", controlling great masses of people, but individuals can play it masterfully, also, with great effectiveness as they destroy individuals, ruining the lives of the controlled.  

Christians are not exempt from being controlled or even being the Master Manipulators.  

Christian Master Manipulators are known for abusing God's Word for their own purposes.  

Beware of this in others!  Read and contemplate the Word for yourself.  If you have a notion and discern that this Christian Master Manipulator is twisting the scriptures he uses to say something the LORD never intended, then find a godly person not associated with this Master Manipulator to counsel with you. This may be your first step to freedom away from this Master Manipulator!  You do not want to continue to be controlled and manipulated by someone twisting God's truth.  This is abuse!

Any abuser uses control and manipulation (real life "Calvin Ball") to use and abuse people.  Anyone, intelligent or common, can be fooled by any kind of manipulator.  You are not alone.

Our hope must be in God, no matter if a Master Manipulator is controlling us personally, or controlling those we love. 

Continue to cry out to God for His strength and His help in the situation.

Psalm 46:1
God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble."  


Anonymous said...


This is a most providential post for my husband and I, who have a few people in our lives who are rather adept "Calvin Ball" players. Your description of the "Master Manipulator" is spot on. Especially about how it is impossible to know what to say or do, lest they become angry... It is tyranny, no doubt!

Thank you for the encouragement for us to keep crying out to the Lord, and for the Psalm!


The Piper's Wife said... kind of you to comment and I am so sorry about your "own" Master Manipulators you must deal with in life.

Just the fact of realizing who they really are is wonderful, because it is finding out that it is NOT you who is going crazy! THEY are the real problem.

*Prepare for the next realization: "Master Manipulators" continue to try to control you up close, and also from afar! It is really disgusting, but true.

Your job now is to pray for you & even them, but also pull away if at all possible (they hate that because controlling & manipulating from afar is not as effective for them.) If you can not pull away (RATS!), then your job is to politely not allow them to control/manipulate you (or at least try to lesson their control). Do not be discouraged as this may be almost impossible, but you can get better at it as time goes by.

Your life will never be the same now that you recognize the "Master Manipulators". You can spot other ones much more easily and avoid them.

May the LORD bless you and give you strength!