Thursday, August 7, 2014

Moving on Day

Today I decided to "move on".  

It is a full day, and I am way too busy even to write this, but here I am.

I have accomplished one thing after another this morn in a rush so I could get to the things which must be priority today.  Just like "If you give a mouse a cookie"...I went from one to the other, never really breathing as I went.

Eventually the kitty was so thankful she was finally on the "list" and received her breakfast, and then I saw the pile of letters to be mailed.  So I grabbed them, and out I ran to the mail box.  On the walk back to the house I began to "slow down" in my inner person as I was admiring the flowers on the south facing porch.  I realized I must water them next, but there were those porch railing pots looking so lovely, although completely ridiculous.

In the spring I had planted them with a magenta wave petunias each and also a few "thumbelina" zinnia seeds.  When the seeds germinated I was so excited! How lovely these pots would be!  As they continued to grow...they never stopped!  First one foot high and then two.  Every wind storm we have received has blown the pots almost off the railings as the zinnias have been like sails in the wind!  

Today I decided to move on.

I walked right over and lugged those two pots off the railing.  The thumbelina zinnias are now topping 3 feet!  Although as lovely as can be, they are too tall for a flower box.  I placed the two pots in the crook of the porch and house right below where they were, so they are now filling up the space where day lilies have faded.  The flowers are still lovely and will be through the fall, but they will no longer be blocking the porch's view, being a sails in the wind, and looking rather silly for flower pot plants.

As I was moving the zinnia pots, I contemplated how I had finally decided to "move on" with them.  It took a few weeks of thinking how tall would these zinnias grow before they stopped, and what should I do with them.  Today became the day, and I did it.

In our everyday lives we have lots of things with which we must deal.  As precious children of God we have His wisdom, strength, and comfort to help us.  

Even so....there are many days and days where we hold on tightly to situations we have no control over.  Days rush by and even lifetimes fly by as we hold on to our pain, our situations where we have absolutely no control~~~we just "feel" and "think" we have control over them.

Through my own life I have held on tightly, and I have also let go of many things.  As my time as His child has progressed, I have learned the difficult lessons of letting go of things I never had any control over.  

The trite saying, "Let go and let God", is not what I am talking about, as we all know how serious our own pain has been.  Allowing the LORD to take your agony is usually not an easy thing to do ~~~ "to loosen the grip of your controlling hand"  of things which you have grieved over for so long.  Personally, I have had very difficult times of allowing the LORD to have my pain, and other times it has been as easy as breathing, I suppose because I trust and know Him and realize it is time to allow Him.

When we are His child deciding to move on doesn't mean we live in a dream world. 

"Oh, this and that never happened"

Our agonies, pain, memories, struggles, heartaches....remain in our minds, our hearts, but now the LORD is being allowed by us to work in our inner most person.  We have allowed Him to finally take what we never were suppose to control.

He has already been working on our heartaches, but now He can work in us as we allow Him to do so.  This all takes time.  We have lots of pain in there.  Lots of things which are still happening in our lives which are not over yet---so our level of agony is still high.  

When we decide to move on a whole new day begins!  A whole new breath of fresh air is given to us.  We can rely on the LORD to carry us throughout our trials which are too big for us to even think about, much less be able to control.

Our agonies, our struggles, our heartaches, our sadnesses....may still be there, but the LORD can hold them as we allow Him.  He has already been dealing with them in His way and in His time, but now we realize it!  

Today, precious ladies, begin to think of your big ol' pot of overgrown zinnias which you have allowed to sit there flying in the wind and blocking your view.  Think about moving them down and over to the LORD's capable hands.  Your grieving may continue, but as you allow Him to take control of what you have thought you had control over, He will help you even more so in your grievings because you are open to His almighty touch in your inner person.

How can we continue to live fully, and how can we smile?  How can we find joy in this evil world?  We can do this when the LORD God Almighty is our God and we allow Him to reign in our lives, our broken, frail lives.

Proverbs 3 :5-6
Trust in the LORD with all your heart and do not lean on your won understanding.  In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He will make your paths straight."

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