Thursday, May 14, 2015

I saw the beauty in his face

What a beautiful thing I saw today.  

It could have been the spring sunshine, 
it could have been the flowers colorfully blooming, 
it could have been the flowering trees which are spectacular this year!

But it was the beautiful face of an elderly man as Jesus’ love shone from him.  He is a beautiful man, because he loves the LORD with all his heart, but today I saw him even more beautiful.  

We were outside together at his home. He had just taken a walk around his yard, and then he stopped, and began to watch across the street.  There was a young father and his little boy on the sidewalk.  The father was “jogging” alongside his little boy who was running as fast as his little legs could take him.  They were headed to the neighborhood park.  When the little boy stopped to rest the father would be talking to his boy, and then, soon enough, they would begin again their “jog” down the sidewalk. 

My precious, beautiful friend, said to me, “look at that,”  as he chuckled and intently continued to watch.  “Isn’t that beautiful?” he said.  I agreed, because it was so wonderful to see a father interacting and paying attention to his son, but I also saw such a beauty is his face which I will never forget.

Thank you LORD!

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