Saturday, June 17, 2017

ABUSE: Sometimes Life is so Real

I do not go looking, but "Real Life" surely finds me.  

I now understand that the LORD uses those who are open to being His hands and feet.  Although each situation in "Real Life" is tough and it costs time and part of my life, I am blessed to be His maidservant, and I pray for those women He weaves into my life. 

This world's NOT our home.  Sin is running rampant and so many times women and children are the ones being hurt.  This does not mean that males are not hurt also.

Abuse of every kind is everywhere, and as time flies by I encounter it in women I know or meet.  Mainly, I share God's truth that they are dearly loved by Him.  I am always pointing them to the LORD.  He is the One who has answers.  Just letting them know that God is for themas they live in their situations gives them great hope and a future because He cares for them.

It is an "easy" thing to be caught up into abuse without realizing that it has been happening.  Maybe there is only that "uh oh" feeling, like something is not quite right, which "whispers" to you, but you do not heed it.  Soon enough any of us can be deep into the control and manipulation of the Abuser. 

I post this meme to perhaps open up some eyes of those who may be caught in the web of any kind of abuse: 


The name of the Lord is a strong tower;
The righteous runs into it and is safe.
Proverbs 18:10

*Find a safe confidant and share your concerns*


Anonymous said...

Hi Jill,

This sums, in a nutshell, something my husband and I have endured for many, many years (with someone else in our lives, not each other, obviously!!!!). All of this treatment is evil. Just pure evil. But I have to say, the gaslighting is the WORST.

The other thing your readers NEED to know - these types of chronic abusive people are MASTERS at putting on a facade, a whole other, squeaky clean, "saintly" image in front of all other people (except the victims). So outsiders will think these abusive people are the most wonderful, loving, caring, etc, people, while the abusers attempt to completely destroy their victims in the cloak of darkness. That makes finding a safe confidant hard, unless the confidant is totally removed from the situation and does not know the abuser/the abuser does not have access to them. The abuser will convince everyone they can contact that they are innocent as a rose, and the victim is the "real offender".

This kind of situation is a LIVING NIGHTMARE. I only have one piece of counsel for those who realize they are in this type of relationship: RUN FOR YOUR LIFE, AND DON'T LOOK BACK. Don't even give it a second thought. And if anyone, including Christians, lambast you for this decision to get away, criticize you for any reason, ignore them... and forgive them. They are likely well-intended, but are actually speaking out of ignorance. Unless you've faced this type of situation first hand, you can't even imagine what it's like.


-Christ's Redeemed Daughter

The Piper's Wife said...

"Christ's Redeemed Daughter", thank you so much for your comment! I am so very sorry you and your husband have dealt with such evil people.

I understand completely what you have related to all who will read this blog. Thank you again for doing so.

Our own story sounds much like what you have described. Yes, RUN. Even though we "escaped" way over a decade ago, those we love dearly are still caught in the evil people's web, so our heartaches never end. It is a living death for us as we are shunned (oh, yes, very Christ-like of them)

Christians may understand, pastors, elders may understand, but if they do not you can still RUN. Sadly, even if other Christians do understand, they may not even think of you in your recovery or your sufferings. Mostly, we have been on our own. The LORD is our Rock, He is our One and Only. He gives us calmness in our chaos.

He can do this for others! Don't give up! Cry out to Him for strength to make right decisions.

Praising Him!

The Piper's Wife said...

Redeemed Daughter :o) FYI: I have many past blog posts on the Manipulation and Control of Abusers if you care to look them up.

I began this blog long ago for encouragements for women. Sufferings, agonies, and pain come from many sources, but pain is pain.

The LORD can use our sufferings to draw us to Himself, and this is our true desire - to be closer to Him in HIs truth.

May you continue to find His peace in your recovery.

The Piper's Wife said...

Praising the LORD with you ~ anonymous ~ and I understand completely.

Anonymous said...

Thank you... so very much...

Christ's Redeemed Daughter