Thursday, June 15, 2017

Modesty is humility in action.

Project Inspired, with post by Phylicia Masonheimer, wrote on modesty in, "What wearing a Bikini Taught Me About Modesty".  

" bikini was to boost my self-confidence. But I quickly realized that wearing a skimpier swimsuit couldn’t have a lasting effect on my confidence because it was an external fix to an internal problem. 

Dressing up a lack of confidence doesn’t “fix” the problem—it just covers it for a little while. 

Instead of helping me become more confident, 
it made me a spiritually weaker person 
who depended on my outward appearance 
for validation and approval.

I also realized that I was advertising my body—something I wanted to have valued and treasured—to the eyes of any passing guy. I had been working with non-Christian guys for many years and I’d heard the comments they made about the girls at car washes and on the beach. 

I knew that by exposing my body to the public eye, I had devalued something precious, 

and I began to search the Bible to see what it said about my value as a woman.

As I studied God’s Word concerning my decision, I came to understand the incredible value God placed on my body. 

In the Old Testament, God’s glory was housed in the richly decorated, golden Temple. 

Now as Christians, His glory (through the Holy Spirit) resides within each of our bodies. 

We ARE the new “temples” of God’s glory (1 Corinthians 6:19)! 

In Genesis, I discovered that woman was God’s final touch on Creation. She was the crowning glory of all God made."

"...Modesty is humility in action..."

Thank you, Phylicia, great post!

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