Thursday, November 22, 2018

Have A Wonderful, Triumphant, Happy Thanksgiving!!

Living in Trauma:

I often write to encourage you, sisters in Christ, to run to the LORD in all things.  

I often express how agonies and traumas come and go -- or they just come and stay, but, still, we need to run to the LORD to find His grace and mercy to continue to live in Him and for Him.  It is really the only way to be able to continue living rightly, not becoming bitter and angry.

A bitter, angry person is not what we want to become.  We have all have seen and known bitter people and it is gross and ugly, and not what the LORD wants for us!

When I express these things, I am right there with you.  I am not a super Christian. I live in ongoing stress every day so I run to the LORD all through the day, every day. 

I have not always been this way.  I had to learn to think rightly, which meant I needed to learn to think of my need of the LORD first before I worried all day or picked up the phone.  It has taken me years to learn that the first thing to do is to run to Him.

When we run to the LORD right away, share our thoughts, agonies, and feelings we may expect His peace right away.  This may be what He does for us, but His peace doesn't necessarily arrive as we expect it. 

Do not despair as if He has forgotten you! 

He works, and He works in you, deep inside.  As He does this a marvelous thing begins in us. His peace, which is far from our own understanding, begins to work in us.  

I always marvel at Him because my own life's chaos continues, but I, in Him, become at peace, His peace, while the chaos continues to swirl about me.  

It is a precious thing to have such peace among the chaos. His peace comes at a price. It is Jesus who gave us God's beautiful grace! Let us choose to run to Him more often, glorifying His Name!!

As I think of my life in trauma all my agonies seemingly hang on me.  I run to the LORD so often feeling like a failure because I feel like I do not handle it rightly, but He lifts me up once again. Even so, I continue deep down to feel like a failure. I feel like I failed Him and I failed myself.

But in retrospect, in thinking rightly, all of this learning and running to the LORD, waiting on Him, trusting Him among my chaos, has allowed myself to draw closer and closer to Him -- and isn't this what we all desire?!  To be closer and closer to our great Almighty God who is full of compassions, mercies, and love. My failures are in reality, triumphs in Him!  

I am triumphant in my weaknesses because I trust in Him!  Let us trust in Him more and more! Glory to God!

What a beautiful thing! 

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