Saturday, February 2, 2019

Putting away and moving on

This week I took a couple of photos before I began to put away most of my "winter" decor.  I left out some of my "pickled Snowmen" since it is still winter, we have over 15 inches on the ground since January, and the festive red bows around the lids highlight the few Valentine things I have.

These photos show my bottle brush forest on top of the wardrobe where our Wolverine does not know he could jump to reach.  I nestled a few deer among the trees and greenery.  

The little red flocked deer is from my childhood and one of my most treasured Christmas decorations. 

When I was engaged to be married years ago my mother had me choose a few things from her own decorations to take with me as we began our married life together.  It was a precious thing for her to do for me.  The things she gave me are a treasure and full of memories of my childhood and into our own families traditions.


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