Thursday, March 14, 2019

The Merry Adventures of Little Brown Bear

Written by
Elizabeth Upham

Illustrations by 
Marjorie Hartwell

Copyright 1952, '55, '65, The Platt and Munk Co., INC

What a precious joy it was to borrow one of my dear friend's
favorite children's book from her childhood. The illustrations are 
just beautiful and captivating. 

Written by a teacher the little short stories are full of the 
life of Little Brown Bear, his family, neighbors, and friends.
Little Brown Bear is put into sweet, gentle, kind situations 
which makes it a lovely book.

This woman wrote 16 short stories for this book where the 
readers and listeners find themselves enveloped in the everyday 
adventures of this nice little boy bear.

Here is one beautiful illustration from the first story where 
a pot luck picnic was planned for the school children.
Everyone brought their favorite food and they were all surprised 
when it was discovered each had brought a chocolate cake! 
The solution was to invite family, friends, and neighbors.
Such a sweet book. 


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