Monday, September 30, 2019

Sweet Rememberings

Rose is Rose

What sweet memories this comic brought to my mind.  

I grew up with my brilliant father always building one radio controlled airplane after another in his rare spare time. I eventually learned there were two reasons why: 

#1 was that there was always another great airplane model to purchase and make!

   #2 was that flying a RC airplane was always "dangerous" in that there is always a chance of planes crashing, or planes flying off into the sunset never to be found. Many times my sweet mother would say as she looked out at my father and brothers coming home, 

"Oh no! his plane crashed!"
"Where's his plane?"

My father would be disappointed no matter what the issues were, but he always had a good attitude about it

 -- so we all would learn to accept troubles as they come, 
and then learn to deal with them rightly.

In my memory his airplanes never lasted long. If they survived their flight, there would be another flight in which they wouldn't survive. I remember many red, yellow, and blue planes. 

Such happy memories because of the love I saw my mother always express to her husband and her children. Happy memories as we all would see my father's behavior and his love
for each of us.

The years before my father died he was frail, but in those years he had laboriously built a five foot span RC skinless airplane wing frame. 

*Try to do this in an assisted living without complaints!* 

Eventually a kind custodian understood how important this wing was to my father, he came up with a solution, and he hung it up from the ceiling for him. 

My father's desire was to finish that whole airplane, but his health would not allow it.

It was the kindness of that man to hang this wing above so my dear father could look and dream.

I can just "hear" my father's unique laugh if he was to read this!



Anonymous said...

Jill, this was enjoyable to read. A little glimpse into the treasures of your father/daughter memories. I still think of my parents with a certain sadness that my life with them has gone swiftly by. How nice of that custodian to see your dad’s desire and help with implementing it! God sends certain people at just the right time!

Hope y’all are enjoying cooler weather! Love the kitty pictures...those eyes!


The Piper's Wife said...

Thank you, Kathryn. You are so right. What a blessing it was that this man helped dignify my father. I had lamented that I was so far away to be able to help out and honor him more. The close relative seemingly did what had to be done and that was all. When we visited again and discovered the wing hanging above him, we were delighted, so my father told us the story. What joy!

No energy to follow thorough and find that man to thank him, so I glorified God!

Yes, the weather has been lovely. :o)