Saturday, March 19, 2011

Time for a Story; Inspiring Tales of Love, Hope, and Faith

This sweet story book has been excerpted from Great Stories Remembered, compiled by Joe Wheeler in 1999 for Focus on the Family.  I highly recommend this five-stories book, which is sure to encourage everyone from child to adult.  Not only are the stories charming, but the illustrations are beautiful.

The stories are:

Birthdays are Lovely, author unknown from 1928

At the Eleventh Hour, by Eunice Creager from 1916

How Patty Earned Her Salt, by W. L.Colby from 1913

The Widened Hearth, by Fannie H. Kilbourne, unknown year

Joseph’s Coat, author unknown from 1929

Although I enjoyed each story, my favorites are Birthdays are Lovely and How Patty Earned Her Salt. The first story shows the love and devotion of a child raised well, along with the innocence of a child.  The second story reminds us to be careful of what we say, especially when others can hear, and how we tend judge others by apearances; mercy triumphs over judgement.  We could all use these poignant reminders.

"For judgement will be merciless to one who has shown no mercy;  mercy triumphs over judgement."   James 2:13

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