Monday, June 6, 2011

Does your shoe fit?

“If the shoe fits; wear it”---but if it doesn’t fit, then check out why.

The weather can change quickly in this area, so when I leave the house to spend the day far from home, I usually pack a change of clothes which includes my hikers.  This spring was cold and rainy, but when it became warmer, it was summer heat like it is today.  Around here you just need to wait a few days for a change, and so it was back to cold again and then hot, etc.

On one of the cold days I dressed for it, and as I put on my hikers, I felt something was not quite right.  I took the shoe off and found a set small footies smashed in the one hiker toe.  They had obviously been packed at one point and found their way into that shoe’s toe where I pushed them farther in as I put the hiker on.  I could have worn that shoe all day long with just that gnawing feeling that it wasn’t quite right, but I chose to check it out first thing.  I was glad to have discovered the problem and not deal with the consequences.

This can be an analogy with our Christian walk.  If your walk is uncomfortable in some way, you need to check it out first thing.  Don’t continue to live thinking it is fine when you have this gnawing feeling that something isn’t quite right.

There is much falsehood in Christianity today.  Some of it is extremely subtle.  A good percentage of these teachings have God’s truth in them and this gives them credibility even though they have falsehoods mixed in.  As Christians we want to follow God’s truth which is in His word.

So let’s continue to search the scriptures daily to see what is true; not true for me or for you but real truth, God’s truth.  If it doesn’t “feel right,” stop and check it out so you don’t have to deal with “consequences” later.

Does your shoe fit?

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