Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Reliable Principles for Finding the Right Mate

A friend passed this to me from an article she saved so long ago she no longer had the author.

These principles from the word of God can save so many heart aches:

Genesis 24

1) Hear and Heed the counsel of godly parents (v. 1-9)

2) Saturate the whole process with prayer (10-14)

3) Look for qualities that reveal character (15-20)

4) Study silently. Think deeply. Proceed cautiously. (21-27)

5) Notice the relationship between immediate family members. (28-33)

       A. respect for parents and harmony with siblings
       B. open communication
       C. fun and freedom in family gatherings
       D. willingness to include other people
       E. sensitivity to others

6) Determine if there is mutual interest in Spiritual things (48-60)

7) Establish a solid foundation for your marriage (61-end)
       A. wholesome anticipation (61-64)
       B. reciprocal expectations (64-65)
       C. guarded communication (66)
       D. intimate and comforting affection

In conclusion:


1) Always pursue God’s will with greater intensity than your own will.

2) Always be honest throughout the courtship and throughout the marriage.


1) Never rush into anything that will lead to permanence

2) Never rationalize around the importance of sexual purity


1) Heed any "red flags", "uh, oh" feelings, and misgivings concerning your relationship

2) Heed the counsel of godly people - even their own "red flags" concerning your relationship

"Without consultation, plans are frustrated, but with many counselors they succeed."
Proverbs 15:22

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