Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Defy Opposite World.

Courtney at Women Living Well Ministries finishes her April 28, 2013 post, Having Babies {in Opposite World}....
...If you are a pregnant woman, boldly declare your excitement for your baby bump! 
When you are in the midst of bottles and binkies and spit up and tantrums and sleepless nights – do not let the enemy whisper in your ear – “this is too much.” Lean on Jesus and thank God for giving you SO much!
When the world says, you are too young. Remember Mary was young.
When the world says, you are too old. Remember Sarah was old.
When the world says, you don’t know what you are doing. Remember Eve – who had no role models at all…she just walked with the King.
We must shut out the voices of Opposite World and listen to the maker of this world. 
He says –be fruitful and multiply.
He says – children are a reward.
I believe him.
Now go love on your little ones and do something completely counter cultural (but just like Jesus) –lay down your life for another
And so my fellow Handmaidens... let's begin now to "defy Opposite World" in our everyday lives, in all that we do, and live BOLDLY for the One who freely gave us our salvation which cost Him what we could not pay.  
Courtney signs her post with, "Walk with the King"
Beautiful! Thank you, Courtney!

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