Saturday, November 14, 2015

God is your shield

I Will BeYour Shield

My child, are you discouraged
By the sorrows of the day
Does it seem that life is crumbing,
The skies have turned to gray

Don’t forget I gave you promises
To guide you every hour
In the moment of your heartbreak
Let me show you My great power

And I will be your shield
When the battle rages on
And I will be your light
When the way ahead is dark
I will be your strong tower
And guide you every hour
Just place your life
Completely in My hands

I know it won’t be easy
I never said it would
But My grace will always be there
My plans for you are good

Remember that your weaknesses
Are perfect in My sight
Only when you hand them to Me
Can I turn them into might

And someday you will understand
Why I sent this trial
And someday you will see the end
And know it’s overcome


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