Saturday, December 10, 2011

Prayers for Prodigals by B.J. Reinhard # 4 of 7

Today I am keeping you on your toes by putting the card to the right.

This is my forth installment
from the prayer card,
Prayers for Prodigals:

These Scripture-based prayers are designed to be prayed for any loved one (a son, daughter, grandchild, the child of a friend, or even a spouse or parent) who has strayed from God into a destructive lifestyle. For the sake of clarity, the prayers are written with a son in mind. Please adapt them to fit your situation.

10. Produce in my son a humble spirit that is yielded to You. Teach him  how to live in You, and show him that apart from You he can do nothing. (Jas.4:10; Ro.6:13; Jn.15:5)

11.  Lord, reveal to my son how valuable and significant his life is.  Give him a vision for his purpose in the world, and show him the possibilities for his future.  Through You, he can do all things. (Is.43:7; Jer.29:11; Phil.4:13)

12.  Help my son to see that he doesn't need to condemn himself.  Show him that he can experience complete forgiveness through the work You've already finished on his behalf.  Give him the grace to repent of and let go of the past.
(Jn.19:30; Acts3:19; Is.43:18-19)

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