Monday, April 13, 2015

How do you shepherd your children...

The question was: 

"As a father, how do you shepherd your children in our hyper-sexualized culture?

Heath Lambert at gives his ideas on parenting in this evil, up-side-down world:

"...First, we talk about modesty all the time. 
When we are in our house, we dress modestly. 
I am modest in our house, my wife is modest in our house 
and we make sure our kids are modest in our house. 
We do that on purpose not because we are being prudish, 
but because we want to occasion the opportunity to talk about 
the godliness of modesty—the godliness of being covered up. 
It’s a way to express care to others...."

"...I think that the days to wait for “the talk” are over. 
That’s my sense. In the good ole’ days, you could wait 
until they were ten, twelve or fourteen—
dad would sit down with the boys 
and mom would sit down with the girls 
and we would explain everything. 

I am not trying to hit anyone on the head who still does that, 
but my sense is that it is not a wise practice anymore...."

"...If we want to teach our kids the Bible and want them reading it, that includes the Pentateuch, which is not for the faint of heart as far as sexuality is concerned. 

So take note, parents. We can speak about sex the way God does in the Bible and we can do so in an age appropriate way."

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