Saturday, November 30, 2019

Happy First of December!

I have often spoken of my mother. She was a sweet and delightful person.  She rose to every occasion, she loved life, she dearly loved my father, she loved each of her children in their uniqueness, she loved anyone we loved with a passion, and she treasured all her grandchildren.

After her untimely death I learned of her difficult childhood and as an adult I marveled at how she had overcome her traumas.  I know she loved the LORD in her own quiet ways and I assume this was her greatest achievement--to conquer her wounds and live a full life.

When I was a young mother and had moved far way from my childhood home, a package arrived at the end of November to the beginning of December each year. These packages continued for me for 17 years. 

She called them "First of December" boxes. They would be about the size of a shoe box and full of treats to eat, small ornaments, crafts to do, trimmings to much love!

Each and every package would surprise us! What joy to receive and open such a box full of love each Christmas season!

These boxes were full of her--my sweet mother.  The things only represented the lovely woman she was. Her love showered us when we were far, far away from her, but I think if we had lived next door she still would have done special things for us there also.

What a precious treasure my mother was! I wish I could talk with her now, and tell her how much I loved her! I think and think and wonder if I ever told her!  

Well, of course, I have told her in so many ways! I loved her, told her, hugged her, wrote her, called her, visited her, made things for her, drew things for her, did things for her...She knew.

...but then she was gone, and I have missed her so much that it still hurts. I remember her every day, those little things and big things. I have some of her "things", but so many other things of her I remember in my heart. 

One thing my mother taught me was to love my life, to love my husband dearly; I have loved my children in all their uniquenesses, I love others, and sometimes I do some of the things she used to do like, "December First" boxes for those I love and those who need to be loved. Some of the "boxes" I made up were mailed far away this week, and others will be given out tomorrow and then the next couple of days.

Yesterday I was with a dear friend who has loved us as family. She has been a busy mom for 25 years. She has dearly loved her husband and each child in their uniquenesses, and she has loved us. I have given her and her family a "December First" box for 18 years, and now that her little ones are grown and on their own I send them each a "December First" package. While we were together yesterday she surprised with me a "December First" bag with sweet "this and thats" and I was overcome with joy and love for how my mother taught me how to reach out to others in kindnesses and love! 

How special we are to receive a "December First" bag!


Anonymous said...

Oh Jill, how wonderful to read about your December First boxes of love. Had never heard of this but what a treasure, I can only imagine! Some sweet day you will have the joy of being with your mother for all eternity. God is so good for giving us promises for the bright future we have in Him.....being with those we love, forever with our Lord!
May it come soon! Maranatha!

The Piper's Wife said...

Thank you! I think my mother was just thinking of a way to bless us, so she sent it for the first of December, thus the name! It would be wonderful to ask her about it all. I never thought about it when she was with us.

Oh, my, do I look forward to seeing the King of kings! and all of our loved ones, and everyone else who loves the LORD!

Blessings to you!