Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Here is the Sweetness

“…here is the sweetness of my lot:  
I am a stranger with You.  
You are my co-sufferer, my fellow traveler.  
Oh, what joy to wander in such blessed society!  

My heart burns within me 
when You speak with me along the way and, 
though I am a sojourner, 
I am far more blessed than those who sit on thrones, 
and far more at home 
than those who dwell under the ceilings of their houses.


“To me remains nor place, nor time:
My country is in every clime;
I cam be calm and free from care
On any shore, since 
God is there."
author unknown


“Hear my prayer, O Lord, 
and give ear to my cry;
Do not be silent at my tears;
For I am a stranger with You,
A sojourner like all my fathers."
Psalm 39:12

excerpt from Morning and Evening by Spurgeon, March 16 a.m.

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