Thursday, March 24, 2016

6 Truths about waiting for the LORD

Paul Tauges, on February 17, 2015, at Counseling One Another wrote about waiting on the LORD

He begins by saying, "Do you like to wait?...Our flesh cringes at the thought of having to wait, yet God's Word compels us to wait upon Him..."

I agree with him that waiting on the LORD is not passive and that, as he says, "It demands a great deal of effort."

His six truth about waiting are:

Waiting on the Lord requires divine strength and courage.

" ...Rushing ahead to fulfill our own will is not difficult at all; it comes naturally. However, surrendering to the will and ways of God requires a constant resistance to the flesh..."

Waiting on the Lord means trusting in God alone.

"...God has a way of stripping idols out of our lives so that He alone receives our attention..."

Waiting on the Lord is essential to discerning God's will.

"...As long as our determination is fixed upon what we want, God's will remains a mystery..."

Waiting on the Lord includes confident expectation of His mercy and grace.

"...In times of uncertainty, we must have confidence in His character as a God who is gracious, compassionate, and full of mercy..."

Waiting on the Lord means trusting him with our hurts.

"...waiting on the Lord means trusting Him enough to leave these matters with Him..."

Waiting on the Lord results in experiencing divine strength.

"...God delights in us when we wait on Him because He receives more glory and we experience the joy and pleasure of soaring on the wings of His strength and grace..."

Be blessed as you read Paul Tauges whole post, and continue to learn from the LORD the beautiful art of waiting on Him in all things.

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So helpful, thank you Jill!