Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Dragons, Maidens, and our Culture of Death

"It will come as no surprise to those who know something about dragons to learn that a dragon-culture will devour the innocent in a feeding frenzy of salacious wickedness."

Joseph Pearce succinctly writes about our ever increasing wicked culture in this post,  "Rescuing Our Maidens from the Culture of Death".  

I am not naive, as I do keep up to date on what is happening in this world, but I do not immerse myself completely in the news, so my heart was greatly grieved as I read his statistics about women, especially the young and innocent, rampant pornography, destroyed lives, and suicides.

Mr. Pearce ends his piece with this final paragraph:  

"In a world where virtue is shunned, vice will prevail.  In a world where love is replaced with lust, the most vulnerable will be systematically abused.  In a world which boasts of its Pride, it is the weakest who suffer.  Such a world is destined for anarchy, which Oscar Wilde rightly called "freedom's own Judas."  Anarchy is the morally lawless society in which the morally lawless prey upon the weak.  It is a world that has unleashed the dragon.  In such a world, characterized by the increase in the number of damsels in distress, we need an increase in the number of those prepared to go forth like St George, armed with courage and the grace of God, to rescue the maidens from the dragons of the death-culture."

Sisters in the LORD... let us do what we can to come alongside those who are in our sphere of influence.  Let us not turn our heads away when we see "Red Flags" because it is not our business.  Instead let us listen and watch for opportunities to come alongside those who are vulnerable or hurt, and at least let them know we have an 'open door' for them to come to us if they choose to come.  Let us cry out to God for His mercy and grace for the "damsels," and for our strength and comfort if He allows us to help rescue them.


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