Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Sin is so easy, and it easily entangles us.   The sin of pride can be the root of many kinds of sins. 

Just one thought that you have the "right way" and you can head down the trail of aberration from God's truth in His word.  The trouble is that a person's pride can get in the way, and you can think you are Biblical and true when in actuality you have missed the mark by at least one degree.  Now you and whoever follows you is on the wrong path, which could lead to destruction.  The wrong path can also be destructive emotionally and spiritually.  If you do not have the Biblical view of the true God then your whole life can be off track.

At Recovering Grace you will find an excellent post on the movie, Tangled, which is an animated Rapunzel story.  If you have ever lived under control and manipulation, you will identify with Rapunzel's story.

Not only does the writer of this article give great analogies from the story as to how the LORD is our Father, but also a wonderful encouragement to reach out to others who may be in situations where they need guidance to see God's truth.  You could be the one who begins to open their clouded vision to see the truth.  What a beautiful way to glorify God by being part of setting those who are entangled free.  

The Recovering Grace writer says:

So, what do I take away from “Tangled?” Well, for one, it was a great movie! But even more, I found a strong reminder that there are many more “Rapunzels” locked in emotional and spiritual towers, not knowing that there is a King who wants nothing more than to wrap his loving arms around them. I pray that you would look for them in your sphere of influence, that you would take it upon yourself to guide them to the King, and that you would show them the love that they so desperately need.

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