Thursday, January 5, 2012

Who's listening to you?

Who is listening to you and who is watching you? 

It would be good for us to always remember that we are not alone and others see our behavior.

Gentle ladies, since we are justified and adopted by the LORD through our salvation, we must allow ourselves to be pressed into His image as we draw near to Him in our sanctification.  If we do not allow this, then we will be like the world - and how will God be glorified? 

Our behavior in the way we act and what we say really does matter.  We never know who is paying attention to us.  Our character matters to the LORD, and so it matters as we are out in the world for who is watching us even when we would rather be invisible.

There are many examples I could give in this entry of how behavior matters and how it has affected certain people.  Today I want to share what happened a few days ago, and it wasn't about my behavior on that day at all.   

A young woman I do not know made a kind and generous comment concerning me.  I was privately taken aback and it took me a day to figure out how she knew anything about me to be able to say these kind things.   

We were attending a retirement party for a former co-worker of my husband.  I shook hands with many employees that day, whom I had met through the years, and also met some new ones while at the party.   When I was being introduced to one new person, the young woman whom I had met only a few times helped with my introduction by saying the many kind things about me all, of which were concerning my character.

Fast Forward to my quandary of how she knew me:  I am just the wife of a former fellow employee of hers, so how could she know anything about me?  This is when I eventually deduced where she learned to know me.   It was from my Beloved who had obviously spoken of me so much that she "knew" me.

This is significant to me in 2 ways. 

It showed me the love my Beloved has for me, how he respects me, and cherishes me so much that he would share my character with others.  No doubt the young woman was also ministered to by what was shared by him.  This career woman heard a man share rightly about his wife.  From him she heard of and saw how he spoke of me and of the godly characteristics she may not even completely understand.  Even so, her knowledge of me affected her enough that she desired to introduce me so kindly to the new employee.

I was greatly humbled by her introduction, now very touched, and so blessed by my Beloved for something he did at least 2 years ago. 

God is glorified by our behavior. 

Let us be witnesses to world who needs to see God through His people.

"As water reflects a face, so a man's heart reflects the man."
Proverbs 27:19 

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